Linen and Uniform Service in Toronto, ON

Linen and Uniform Service in Toronto, ON

Topper Linen is a leading provider of comprehensive linen and uniform service in Toronto, ON. With a commitment to quality and service, we offer high-quality solutions for uniforms, linens, aprons, towels, and more, while catering to a variety of businesses.

Uniform Service

Topper Linen sets the standard in world-class uniform service. We ensure businesses present a professional and cohesive appearance to their clients and patrons. With flexible rental and purchase options, Topper Linen caters to businesses of all sizes and needs.

Linen Service

Topper Linen also provides a superior linen service, supplying top-quality linens that elevate your restaurant experience. Our efforts to champion sustainability and uphold hygienic laundry processes and robust quality control measures ensure your linens maintain their texture, colour, and cleanliness through repeated washes.

Apron & Towel Service

Topper’s apron and towel service serves as the gold-standard in our industry. With linens as durable as they are elegant, your facility and employees enjoy a consistent supply of world-class garments. We uphold the hygienic standards that reflect best practices of the 21st century while enhancing your business image.

Massage Therapy Service

Our massage therapy linen service caters specifically to the needs of spas and wellness centres. We feature plush, hygienic linens that enhance the comfort and relaxation of therapy sessions. All linens are laundered and packaged with the highest level of care, ensuring they are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Mats & Mops

Safety and cleanliness are paramount to protecting your valued staff and guests. Topper Linen’s mat and mop service offers products that maintain clean and safe environments. This service includes a variety of mats for entrances, anti-fatigue, and safety purposes, along with mops for efficient floor cleaning.

Facility Service & Supplies

We cement ourselves as the premier linen and uniform service in Toronto, ON, with comprehensive facility services and supplies. We offer everything from air fresheners and hand sanitizers to restroom supplies and cleaning products. Businesses count on Topper Linen to manage their facility supplies, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

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With Topper in your corner, you empower your staff with world-class products and services that ensure your business looks its best and operates seamlessly through the ebbs and flows of a grueling year. Contact us at 1-800-268-1510, or email us to learn more about why we are the #1 provider of linen and uniform service in Toronto, ON.