Awards & Affiliations

Topper Linen and Uniform Service continues to be recognized as a leading service provider within Ontario. With a commitment to providing exceptional service and products, our company has worked hard for over 60 years and our customers stand by us. Thanks to the support of our dedicated employees and faithful customers, we have proudly received recognition for our accomplishments. Take a look at some of the awards we have received as a company, and the affiliations we are proud to be apart of.

Textile Rental Service Association represents companies that supply, launder, and maintain linens and uniforms. It serves members by promoting and protecting their companies and educating owners, operators, executives, and management on how to enhance their image and provide clean, safe environments for their employees and customers.

CleanGreen Initiative
Topper was the first commercial laundry organization in Canada to earn the Clean Green Certification from the TRSA. This designation recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation by acknowledging commitment to improving water and energy efficiency and adoption of best management practices for re-using, reclaiming, and recycling resources. Clean Green-certified linen, uniform and facility services operations meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact. Customers that use Clean Green-certified companies to supply, launder, and maintain linens, uniforms, mats, and other reusable textiles can be assured that their provider maximizes sustainable practices.

2018 Consumer Choice Award Business Excellence Winner
Topper has been selected as the 2018 Consumer Choice Award winner, in the category of Uniform Supplier in the GTA Region. Since 1987, Consumer Choice Award’s mission has been to help consumers make better choices. Through independent market research, local consumers and businesses chose Topper as the top-ranked uniform supplier in the quality and value of the products and services provided.

2016- 2017 Corbrook Awakening Abilities Employer of the Year
Corbrook is a community-based service organization, that provides opportunities for meaningful work and personal development for people with physical and developmental disabilities. In their annual report, Topper was awarded employer of the year for their continuous work and supportive environment that has positively impacted the lives of some Topper staff.

Textile Rental Service Association CertifiedCleanGreen Initiative2019 Consumer Choice Award Business Excellence Winner2018 Consumer Choice Award Business Excellence Winner2016 - 2017 Corbrook Awakening Abilities Employer of the Year