Uniform Service

At Topper we understand how important maintaining a consistent, professional image is. Uni-forms are an important part of your corporate identity. They tell customers who your employees are while promoting your brand. That is why our rental uniforms not only work hard, but they also look good.

Benefits of Uniform Service by Topper

We provide a comprehensive line of rental uniforms that provide cost-effective solutions to your business’s uniform needs. With our uniform service, you can expect:

  • Cost stability related to uniform cleaning, maintenance or expensive repairs
  • Uniforms made from durable, comfortable fabric from dependable manufacturers
  • A consistent, clean, and professional look for all employees
  • Simplified inventory management

We also offer a complete range of storage solutions to enhance security and inventory control of your uniform service. From lockers, racks and bag stands we help you keep your rental uniforms safe and clean, and your workplace uncluttered.

Uniforms We Provide

Our uniform service provides work apparel and uniforms for positions throughout F&B, restaurants, industrial facilities, and healthcare providers. This includes:

  • Work shirts and pants
  • Chefs apparel – such as pants, chef coats, and cook shirts
  • Butcher and grocery coats
  • Aprons in a variety of colours
  • Lab coats and scrubs

Contact Topper for Uniform Service in Toronto

Call us today to find out how we can get your employees looking and feeling their best with our uniform service at 1-800-268-1510.