Environmental Responsibility

At Topper, in both our processing plant and delivery system, we endeavour to test and adapt new strategies to increase efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to be an environmentally responsible business, and are passionate about minimizing our impact on the environment in as many ways as we can.

We believe in providing Eco-Friendly products and services that get the job done, but also take care of the environment in which we operate in. We demonstrate this by ongoing innovations in our water treatment, energy conservation, as well as, in our adoption of the best management practices for reusing, reclaiming, and recycling resources.

Our laundry facility has been awarded the Clean Green Certification by the TRSA. Companies awarded this certification are those that incorporate sustainable green laundry practices. We do this by meeting stringent quality standards for conserving resources, controlling waste and minimizing other environmental impacts. We also contribute by educating our employees, customers, and suppliers about the environmental measures that should be taken to help foster greater environmental consciousness.

How do we do it?
• Environmentally friendly products, services and processes.
• Hanger recycling program.
• We use NPE-free detergents
• We have water reuse and heat reclamation systems in our plant.
• We reuse all of our table linens, and convert them into our laundry bags.
• Installing equipment infrastructure in water re-use, emission effectiveness, energy re-use and conservation.
• Having water recovery systems that help reduce water consumption for re-use.
• Systems have been implemented to reduce the energy used to heat hot water.
• The paper products we service in restrooms offer portion control. Offering one-at-a-time servings to reduce overall use, these products are also made from recycled paper.
• We use high efficiency lighting to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
• GPS software is used to optimize our route deliveries, minimizing the distances travelled and conserving fuel.
• We have speeding and idling reports to raise awareness and promote behavioural change.
• We also train and educate our customers on the benefits of reusing cloth napkins in their facility compared with paper products to help reduce landfill waste.

Topper Linen and Uniform Company Delivery TrucksClean Green - TRSA Certificate