Restaurant Reopening Guidance

Use of Linen, Uniform and Facility Services Industry Products

Reusable textiles and other products that keep your restaurant clean are available from Topper Linen and Uniform Service, recognized by our Ontario Government as an essential business during COVID-19. Topper focuses on hygiene expertise and creates a custom program that addresses your specific concerns, rather than simply providing commodities. Trucks return to your location every week to replenish your inventory. Your relationship with Topper Linen and Uniform Service is a vital partnership in maintaining your employees’ and customers’ safety and health.

Tablecloths for Hygiene and Social Distancing
Hygienically Clean reusable tablecloths and napkins should be used to create a healthier dining experience. Switching a clean tablecloth between guests ensures a clean and safe table. Contamination risk is minimized in accordance with laundry best practices when linens are processed according to Hygienically Clean Certified commercial laundry standards. Bacteria has been shown to be present in excessive amounts on bare restaurant tables, even with regular cleaning, in comparison with tablecloths, which can provide a 5-times-cleaner surface. Bare tables can be a breeding ground for all types of microscopic bacteria. Hygienically Clean and safe reusable table linens regularly and dramatically reduce the number of bacteria patrons are subjected to, ensuring that dining tables are more sanitary.

Tablecloths facilitate social distancing by identifying only the tables that should be used when such separation is required.

Professionally Laundered Uniforms for All Employees
Provide staff with hygienically cleaned, commercially laundered uniforms daily such as chef coats, cook shirts, pants and aprons to wear throughout their shifts. This applies to takeout and delivery staff, as well as kitchen and wait staff. Research verifies the superior cleanliness and public preference for professional laundering of work uniforms; home washing machines and practices have proven inadequate for consistent disinfection. Instead, uniforms should be left in a bin at the and commercially laundered. A clean uniform should be given out at the start of each shift, replacing the clothes in which employees commuted to the restaurant.

Personal Protective Equipment for Your Team

Ask Topper about the best mask options to comfort and protect employees and diners. Topper Linen and Uniform Service provides reusable/washable face shields that meet CDC guidelines, offering protection of the facial area (eyes, nose, mouth).

Hand and Surface Sanitizer throughout Your Facility
Ask Topper about our 80% Ethanol Alcohol multi- purpose sanitizer for hands and surfaces. Select from a 500 ml bottle for selective placement across your dining room, or purchase our 18.9 L bulk pail and refill your own containers. This sanitizer is perfect to spray on surfaces for 100% sanitation.

Stick-And-Stand or Directional Mats on Your Floor
Ask Topper how to promote social distancing and make a positive impact on the health and safety of your facility with stick-and-stand mats or directional mats. Ensure that social distancing and traffic direction is enforced at your location to help your employees and customers remain safe.

Washroom Services
Ensure your increased cleanliness demand is fulfilled for your hand soap, Multi-Purpose sanitizers, air fresheners and restroom supplies by adding them to your regular Topper delivery. Choose mops, towels and other wiping cloths appropriate for each cleaning task; ask Topper Linen and Uniform Service for a reliable supply of restroom paper products, and facility Services.

Compared with retail and other commercial sources of these items, linen and uniform service providers have the knowledge you need to make the proper choices. Take advantage of Topper Linen and Uniform Service experience and expertise to maximize restaurant cleanliness. Call Us Today!